GlobalReach Investment Group, LLC


Executive Summary

GlobalReach Investment Group, LLC is an existing business starting a new venture in its operations. Based in Central Virginia GlobalReach Investment Group is an investment company that plans to purchase, rent, and manage multifamily housing units that attract a specific market segment of middle-income earners. The Company will investigate investment opportunities in Virginia, Washington, D.C., North Carolina and in emerging markets throughout the U.S.  By leveraging industry expertise and performing efficient property acquisition, GlobalReach Investment Group will operate to obtain a substantial market share in stable and emerging real estate markets.  

The market for multifamily housing units presents a favorable climate from which to launch GlobalReach Investment Group’s local and nationwide property investment plan. During the next five years, well over a million additional rental homes are expected to be constructed in the U.S. With record-breaking foreclosures in the U.S. and millions of families seeking lower cost, transitional residences, GlobalReach Investment Group proposes its multi-family home investment plan at an opportune time. Multifamily construction starts have dropped dramatically and will result in additional demand for existing apartments.

GlobalReach Investment Group will target individuals ages 18 to 34 with incomes of up to $35,000. More than 22% of Americans are ages 18 to 34 and per capita income is $27,916. The Company will operate in the multi-billion dollar Apartment Building Operators industry in which average businesses earn $4.0 million annually. GlobalReach Investment Group’s main competitors include other multi-family investment companies such as locally: Evolve Acquisitions, LLC, Northern Virginia Realty, Brandon Green Companies; Nationally: Equity One, The Lind Company, and Westbrook Company.

GlobalReach Investment Group recognizes the importance of operating with a marketing strategy that will effectively saturate the market it intends to reach. The Company will also remain cognizant of the shifting market changes within the real estate market and will adjust its advertising campaign as needed to more effectively increase awareness with prospective clientele.

The Company is managed by J. Lang. Mr. Lang is a player in the acquisition and management of multifamily properties in stable emerging markets. He is an associate of the Lindahl Group, a member of Capital Area (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) Real Estate Investment Association, Fredericksburg Real Estate Investment Association, and the Jacksonville Real Estate Investor Network.

To assist in the Company’s objectives, GlobalReach Investment Group is always looking for private investment opportunities and private investment partners.
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