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GlobalReach Investment Group is a real estate acquisition company based in Central Virginia. Our mission is to bring small and large investors together so they can achieve the same buying power and benefits enjoyed by larger investors in the purchase of commercial real estate.

We buy real estate in several classes from single family homes to large multifamily apartment communities of 100-1000 units. We partner with private investors like you. We take away the difficulties normally associates with real estate. We are reliable and make it easy. Large properties mean larger returns. Our rate of return is among the highest in the industry. We care about our investors and we can help you recover some the investment dollars you have lost recently.

We are looking for private investors... and are willing to give you an ownership position. If you are interested in a high rate of return, we give our investors the majority of the cash flow and the majority of the equity.  We want you to have a lot of incentive to participate in our deals.